Answers to your DIY concrete countertop project questions.

Q. What are the Z-Counterforms made of?

A. Z-Counterforms are made of a proprietary mix of P.V.C.

Q. Will the Z-Counterforms warp from the concrete?

A. No, forms are approximately 3mm thick to ensure a stable form even after the concrete is poured.

Q. How do I make corners?

A. Corners are simply mitered with an ordinary miter box. Any angle can be easily achieved.

h3. Q. How is Z counterform removed once concrete has cured?

A. Because of Z counterform’s patented design simply pull the form forward and it will snap clean revealing a smooth edge.

Q. Does concrete adhere to the Z-Counterform?

A. No, concrete will not adhere to the inside of the Z-Counterform. The forms are polished to a gloss finish so the concrete edge will mirror the form when it is snapped off.

Q. How are the Z-Counterforms packaged?

A. Z-Counterforms are packaged and shipped in 96” lengths. 64 lineal feet ( 8 pieces ) of edge form and 48 lineal feet ( 6 pieces ) of back wall form are included in every kitchen pack. Sink kits and faucet knockouts are sold separately

Q. Are Z-Counterforms re-useable?

A. No, because the tab under the concrete top stays in place when you snap off the Z-Counterform.