White concrete mix for casting concrete countertops.

We have tested multiple concrete mixes and Fescon white concrete mix is our choice. The high strenght mix contains small gravel, this makes it really easy to handle and get your concrete countertop surface smooth. The mix contains gravel and cement. So the only thing you need to do, is to add water and mix it thoroughly.

Really high strenght concrete, endurance development (estimated):

  • 1 day 10Mpa
  • 7 days 40Mpa
  • 28 days 63Mpa
  • 25kg bag, 20kg will do 1cm for one square meter.
    We can calculate correct amount of concrete, if you send us the amount of square meters of your project.

Contact us to get the freight quote! Product will be shipped only with a pallet freight (shipping prices on our webpage is for ups package shipping). Send us your address, which products and how many bags of concrete you would like to order.
We will not ship the order, if you have not asked a freight quote.

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32mm thin white concrete countertop

32mm thin white concrete countertop

  • 32mm thin white concrete countertop

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