Water based, penetrating concrete stain for use on nearly any concrete surface.

Depending on how many layers you apply the darker color you`ll get. 3-4 layers and the surface will be totally black.

One 18,9l package will cover proximately 190-220 square meters for concrete /three layers. And 200- 240 square meters for microcement.  Each layer dries in 20-30 minutes, so the work is really fast to do.

It doesn´t matter is the applied surface new or old, you`ll get a really nice surface to your concrete project!

  • Fast drying.
  • Leaves the natural look on to the surface.
  • Really easy to use and apply.
  • Semi-translucent, easy to layer to achieve mottled look.
  • Can be sprayed, rolled, brushed or sponged.
  • Easy to dilute for even lighter coating.
  • UV stable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Should be sealed to fully lock in color.
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Black concrete floor

Black concrete floor

  • Black concrete floor
  • Black concrete floor
  • Black concrete steps

This is the easiest way to dye concrete and microcement. Each layer will darken the color, this way you can really adjust the color wanted. Dries fast, but easy to apply and handle. The surface will have the same natural look after applying the stain.