Black integral pigment additive for concrete countertop mixes. This easy to use dry powder admixture will impregnate the concrete with a uniform, fade-resistant color.

Contains: 4,5kg. of powdered black pigment.

Coverage: Will vary depending on amount of pigment you use per concrete bag. It is easy to use a kitchen desilitre scoop to measure amount of pigment to each concrete bag.

Directions: When using pigment with one of our admixtures, follow the mixing instructions on that box. Use two, three or even six scoops depending on desired color intensity. If using with another pre-bagged mix, place desired number of scoops into mixing container and blend with 1,1 liter of water. Add in concrete mix and additional water as per instructions on bag. For consistent color, use same number of scoops per mix. Each additional scoop of pigment will intensify the color. It is best to do a test pour first to verify color. Remember, as the concrete cures, the color will lighten. 


  • Mix pigment first to water and mix thoroughly
  • For nonsupporting concrete structure
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8 scoops of charcoal and 3 scoops of shadow to 25kg of concrete

8 scoops of charcoal and 3 scoops of shadow to 25kg of concrete