Cast-in-place concrete countertop form. With this product you can create a smooth, half-rounded edge for your countertop.

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Large package includes :

Eight pieces of 2438 mm half bullnose edge forms (total 19,44 meters) and six 2438 mm back-wall pieces (total 14,58 meters).

Small package includes:

Four pieces of 2438 mm half bullnose edge forms ( total 9,75 meters) and three 2438 mm back-wall pieces (total 7,3 meters).

Back- wall form. Installation and usage

The back-wall form is a multipurpose form. When pouring the concrete countertop it will assist to check that the concrete is in the right level. Just put a leveling tool (a straight wood or leveling tool) between the front and back forms. This way you can see whether there is enough concrete between the molds. Now you can easily remove or add concrete, to get the correct level and perfect result.

Back- wall forms are also used for making various types of openings, such as the integrated cooker and for a sink that is mounted on top of the concrete countertop. Simply cutting the right size pieces and screw them onto the base plate. Back- Wall form will not be removed after casting the countertop, it will be “invisible” because normally the kitchen intermediate space will be installed tiles that cover the back- wall form edge. If you don´t plan to put tiles to the intermediate space, simply cover the form with silicone and the form will disappear.

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