Liqui Crete add mix makes concrete more durable, easier to handle and reduces significantly the need to vibrate the forms after pouring the concrete. Strongly recommended to be used when making 32mm thick concrete countertop with our cast in place mold. Acrylic fibres give more strength to the countertop, and at the same time significantly reduce concrete shrinkage while drying.
Concrete worktop edges will be smoother and you´ll save a lot of time – still the countertop price is affordable.

Z Liqui-Crete contains a proprietary blend of specially formulated additives and ultra fine acrylic fibers that will transform a 25kg bag of standard concrete mix into a high strength flowable mix that easily flows through the FG50 fiberglass mesh grid. The mix is easily troweled smooth and yields a high strength fiber reinforced countertop.

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Concrete consumption example:

  • Liqui Crete is rated to be mixed with 25kg of dry concrete.
  • Color: Light grey

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