Z Grit-Disc

Commercial grade silicon carbide sand paper. Will fit all 125mm (5”) – 8 Hole hook and loop orbital sanders. Can be used for concrete, marble, limestone, tavertine, and other hard stone surfaces. Each pack includes 10 discs. Available in 6 different grits.

-60 grit

-80 grit

-120 grit

-220 grit

-320 grit

-400 grit

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Sandpaper for concrete worktops

Sandpaper for concrete worktops

Specially manufactured for hard stone surfaces, excellent durability and long lasting grid.

Example usage:

When you want to open the concrete surface so the sand in the cement will show up.

First take the 80 grid sandpaper and open up the surface.

Then the 220 grid paper, to smoothen the surface

To finish the countertop take 320 or 400 grid sandpaper.

Alternative, when your countertop surface is perfect, use 220 grid and to finish use 400 grid. Perfect surfaces!

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