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Magnesium trowel: Once your top is flat from screeding, use a magnesium float to flatten and smooth the tops while opening the pores of the fresh concrete, allowing bleed water to evaporate and air to escape. Once the concrete is firm enough and all bleed water has evaporated, use a steel trowel for your final finish.

Worktop trowel: Worktop trowel has been designed so that anyone can get the perfect finish for your dream worktop. Wooden handle on the trowel and the precise blade helps you to finish the worktop as a professional would, on the first go. The working surface on each trowel is precisely ground to give a truly “broken-in” blade for immediate use. Really the best trowel to use on your worktop.

Size of the trowel blade is 101×401mm.

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  • Magnesium float
  • steel trowel- perfect surface for concrete countertop

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