A high performance vertical concrete product that will allow you great versatility in your decorative needs. Unlike other vertical mixes that are unreliable when used for thin applications(under 1,27cm), Tru Pac X is designed for that challenge. The useable application thickness can range from under 7mm up to 100mm on a properly prepared surface. Now you can have one mix that can handle heavy stones carving down to plaster coat treatments.
By combining one Tru-Pac X decorative mortar conversion kit with 36kg of bagged mortar mix.

There are two choises to color the mortar mix: Integral color is a designated amount of powdered color mixed in each batch. This is especially useful when you need an easy base color overall. Aqua Tint is the most common way to color. This uber simple water base stain is just simple spray on and let dry

Use of the product:

  • Mix can be stamped almost immediately after smoothed onto the surface.
  • Extended set times (2-3hours) allow significant carving time for full detail effects.
  • Mix design allows for buildouts of up to 4 inches in strategic places with appropriate scratch coat.
  • Can be used as a thin plaster coat for old world looks.
  • Drys to a realistic buff gray.
  • Tenacious binding to standard mortar scratch coat.
  • Not to be used alone.
  • Mix kit 7,2 kg.
  • Manufacturer: Walttools USA
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  • Tru pack & landscaping
  • Tru Pack mix- rock made out of concrete

Tru Pac X is a very versatile, high strength 7,2kg pack that is added to 36- 37,5kg bag of MORTAR MIX. It can be applied from approximately 7mm up to 100mm on properly profiles scratch coats. It is non-lightweight, resin and fiber modified and used both indoor and outdoor. Its uses range from decorative vertical to any kind of landscape project.

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