Microcement color chart Microcement are specialized overlay materials that are typically designed to be put down in very thin coats. They are used primarily to refresh(usually interior) surfaces that are very sound but are old and discolored. A new layer allows easy staining and rejuvination.

This new microcement goes a step further by being the first Micro/Macro top. This microtopping has the application range of 3mm up to 19mm. This makes it the most versatile microcement mix available. Microcement is designed for resurfacing a multitide of surfaces from scaling brush finish concrete to warehouse floors to distress concrete countertops.
Normally it is mandatory to put multiple layers of microcement, with our microcement you´ll finish your project faster because one layer will be enough.

Microcement has the unique charactersitics of acting as a self level topping but one that can actually be retroweled with minimum fuss. This makes it not only versatile but the least difficult choice in a microcement product.
Microcement is designed for application with a stand up steel trowel or via hand trowel. It can be easily sanded smooth the following day yet retain all the character of a troweled surface when stained.

Microcement application instructions

Must use Flexy Bo Bonder to prime the handeled surface

  • Coverage: floor 5 square meters (m2) at 3mm layer and 3,5-4 square meters for wall
  • All in one mix design, just add water.
  • Proprietary polymers formulated for excellent strength and bonding.
  • Quick turnaround-stain and seal the following day.
  • Durability: 24h/16Mpa, 7days/ 49Mpa
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microcement on a kitchen wall

microcement on a kitchen wall

  • microcement on a kitchen wall
  • Grey microcement
  • Grey microcement
  • Microcement in bathroom
  • Microcement- small package

Microcement basic color is white. When you want colored microtopping, you just choose the color you want the microcement to be from the color chart. The colors are small bags of pigment that you´ll add to the microcement when you mix it with water.

Microcement color chart

Color mixing instructions:

  • Mix the pigment with clean water in a mixin container
  • Add the microtopping and mix thoroughly
  • start applying the microtopping

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