Making concrete floors has never been easier!

Our microcement floor roller makes microcement applications easy and fast. The roller makes an flat surface from the microcement, so you don´t need to know how many millimeters of microcement there are, or is the surface levelled correctly. The roller will make an even and united surface.

Work steps as follows:

  • 1. Pour the microcement to the floor, start to spread the microcement with the roller, proximately 50cm deep areas.
  • 2. Even the surface with a steel trowel
  • Repeat the steps one and two, until you have the whole area covered!

We recommend that two people are in the project, one person is spreading the microcement with the roller and second person trowels the surface even.
When you are using the roller, we recommend to add 20% for your material outlet.

Video shows how to use the roller with microcement: (Sorry, the video is in Finnish language)

Roller fits to a 23cm wide paint roller, with a 38mm socket.

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